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Our education system was developed many years ago in the Bangkok as a way of teaching our staff the technical disciplines of cutting, styling, colouring and perming techniques. Back then, SIWAKORN CREATIVE HAIRCUTTING ACADEMY staff needed to learn quickly whilst maintaining precision, as the key to a hairstyle’s longevity lies in its precision.
Firstly, and most importantly, at SIWAKORN CREATIVE HAIRCUTTING ACADEMY we focus on individuals. Most education providers will only focus on the basic
skills – and basic skills will only teach you to become
a “basic” hairdresser. By focussing on individuals, we ensure that we bring out the best in every one of our students, in every aspect of hairdressing.

At SIWAKORN CREATIVE HAIRCUTTING ACADEMY we teach not only precise techniques, but how to create with “feeling”. It is our belief that to be a great hairdresser, it takes more than just great training - it is essential that you have the ability to ‘personalise’ for your clients, which means being able to implement feeling into your hairstyles.We believe this is the difference between a good and a great hairdresser.

All of our courses take place in a real SIWAKORN CREATIVE HAIRCUTTING ACADEMY salon.Which means you get to work with real equipment in a salon environment with qualified hairdressers. Our “real world” teaching throughout SIWAKORN CREATIVE HAIRCUTTING ACADEMY salons gives our students the edge over other hairdressers. If your classic and creative training came from SIWAKORN CREATIVE HAIRCUTTING ACADEMY, it’s unlikely that you will ever have to worry about finding work again.

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